A local mother was critically injured when a car sped through the intersection on Ackerman Road and Route 94.   The woman sustained two broken legs, multiple punctured organs and severe internal bleeding.  By the time an off-duty paramedic arrived at the scene, the woman was in Cardiac Arrest. CPR was initiated by the heroic first responder and the woman was transported to the hospital to receive multiple blood transfusions and surgeries.   

As news made its way through town in the following days, many in the community reached out to her family to provide meals and financial support.  Her large network of friends created a “meal train” and donated funds that would assist her children. However, on the Warwick Facebook BIPOC (Black, Indigenous People of Color) page, local Leftists began to see this tragedy as a blessing

The critically injured mother of three children is a member of Moms For Liberty, an advocacy group for parental rights, and is a local Conservative voice.  She has often engaged and debated with many people on the local social media forums. Shortly after the tragic news had made its way around town, the members of the BIPOC page began to weigh in.  Responding a post by Kim Sumner-Mayer who voiced her suspicions that “Trolls” were monitoring her posts, Ms. Shyreeka Reynolds Shannon commented:

When confronted about her unsympathetic tone, Ms. Reynolds justified her position by claiming “But I will not forget the very bad and pain she has done and pain she has caused is very deep.”  

One person familiar with the post said “This woman conflates actual suffering with ‘Facebook’ suffering.  Nobody ever hurt this Shyreeka woman, she just lost arguments on social media because her politics and worldview are ridiculous.  I dare her to point out any real ‘deep pain’ that she’s been caused.  The BIPOC people are schooled in the art of using their so-called ‘deep emotional pain’ to manipulate others.  And, do you know who is in real pain?   Name of critically injured woman is.  Disgusting! ” 

Another local parent weighed in “This is typical of the BIPOC page and the characters on it. I joined once, a few years ago, and the behavior there is grotesque.  I had to leave. They are desperate to find some shred of intolerance or whatever.  And, when they can’t find it, they will manufacture it.  They have attacked people, good people who I’ve known for years.  They are a divisive cancer, and Shyreeka’s comments are a perfect example of that.”

A frequent poster on the Warwick BIPOC page who insisted we not name them, said “The page has been getting worse and worse.  I’ve tried to steer the conversation in more positive directions, but they seem to be reverting back to this negativity.  It’s unfortunate.”  They then added, “What’s also true is that journalists like Becca Tucker from the Advertiser go to that page to mine the gossip and chatter there for story leads.  So, BIPOC has been infecting the larger discourse and that’s further divided the town.”

The Warwick Watch is grateful to all those who have contributed.  Please continue to reach out to us as we explore the BIPOC page in greater detail.  thewarwickwatch@gmail.com