Following the entirely peaceful rallies in protest of the continued masking of children in the Warwick schools, Superintendent Leach was forced to act quickly after a disinformation campaign was initiated by Lauren Vitkovsky, who is the current Recording Secretary of the Warwick Democrat Committee.  Immediately following the gathering at the High School, Ms. Vitkovsky took to a popular Facebook parent group to announce that “Parents are INSIDE  (not outside) yelling “fuck the masks.”

“Vitkovsky had virtually yelled ‘fire’ in a crowded theater, ratcheting up the hyperbole and drama as fast as she could,” said someone familiar with her Facebook persona. Within minutes, a multitude of frightened parents began to reach out to the district fearing for their children’s safety.

Superintendent Leach moved quickly to dispel Ms. Vitkovsky’s lie in a district-wide email:

“While there seems to be misinformation circulating, it is important to repeat that the protests were held without incident, and that the group has now dispersed. There was no damage to school property, and no one entered or left our school buildings without permission.”

Ms. Vitkovsky was notable for her involvement in clandestinely working to get candidate Mary Collura removed the ballot in the 2020 election for Village Trustee.  Mary Collura was viewed as the chief challenger to former Democrat Councilman candidate Corey Bachman, who then ran for Village Trustee.  Ms. Vitkovsky challenged Ms. Collura’s petition to be on the ballot, quietly submitting the challenge at the very end of the allotted time period so that Ms. Collura wouldn’t have had time to fix the clerical errors and resubmit.

Someone familiar with Ms. Vitkovsky’s maneuverings confided, “It was dirty politics.  Corey wouldn’t have won if Mary was on the ballot.  She is very popular and loves this Village.”  She continued, “The whole thing stinks because the challenge was notarized by Christine

Stage, who is the Chair of the Democrat Committee.  You also have Susan McDonald who is the Vice Chair of the Democrat Committee who also is employed at the Orange County Board of Elections.  Talk about the fox guarding the henhouse!  Having Susan McDonald working at the Board of Elections and being part of the Democrat party machine stinks.  There is a good chance she helped coordinate the challenge from within.”

Ms. Vitkovsky also serves on the Democratic Commitee with former Town Council candidate Patricia McMillian, who became well known for accusing the Warwick Volunteer Fire Department of being racist for posting the sign “We support the police, stand for our flag, kneel for God.”

A local Firefighter familiar with the issue commented, “McMillian is an ass, but that wasn’t a surprise.   It’s the Warwick Advertiser that’s the problem.  It’s absolute trash for printing that article and has only gotten worse since.  Did you see the last edition?  More Lefty garbage.”

Included in the Democrat Committee is also former Town Council candidate Greg Galluccio who has also made multiple unfounded accusations of racism in Warwick throughout his short residency here.

A Warwick resident of over 20 years commented “Vitkovsky isn’t an ignorant person.  She is every bit as manipulative as the other characters on that Committee.  They flat-out lie, accuse and distort, constantly, and all for political advantage.  Going to one of their meetings must be like walking into that bar in Star Wars (begins laughing).”