Flyers are circulating in the S.S. Seward school.  They have been posted in the hallways and bathroom stalls.  These flyers suggest that the new Superintendent, Larry Leaven, is attempting to “get rid of” Health teacher and basketball coach, William Steele.  The flyers suggest that the Superintendent may be doing this for ideological reasons.

Florida taxpayers and parents have increasingly come to view Superintendent Larry Leaven as ideologue and far-Left partisan.  The discovery of Leaven’s racist and bigoted tweets against White Christians caused a stir among parents in October. Then, in November, Leaven’s defense of the pornographic, illustrated book Gender Queer, which was available for borrowing in the S.S. Seward library, sent parents reeling.  Now, the suggestion that Leaven is moving to eliminate a beloved teacher and coach is causing further concern.

One parent spoke at the last BOE meeting and brought up his concern for Coach Steele, saying he remembers when hundreds of people showed up to support, the then vice principal, Susan Moore, when the BOE was planning on cutting her position. This father said: “If you think that showed our community coming together, that would be nothing compared to how many people would step up for this coach, who’s name I won’t mention.”

Another parent said her child was at basketball practice one evening, when Mr. Gravelle came by, and saw Coach Steele with his mask just under his mouth to instruct the group, while distanced. Mr. Gravelle then went on his phone, and moments later, Susan Moore was watching from the doorway.  The child told his parent he couldn’t hear Coach Steele’s words while the mask was up.  This parent then took a picture at the last BOE meeting, where both Larry Leaven, and John Redman had completely removed their masks in a room full of people.

Another mother spoke about how positive coach Steele has been in her children’s lives. “I’ve never felt so strongly in support of any other teacher or coach in this school system. Coach Steele has always been a strong, positive role-model for my kids, and they are so lucky to have had him as his coach and teacher. He teaches the students and players to take care of themselves, work really hard, be honest and truthful, not to let others treat them with disrespect.  Coach Steele has impacted countless young-adults’ lives over the last 30 years.”

A father who reached out to The Warwick Watch believes that Steele is being attacked because he will not “tow the radical agenda that Leaven wants him to.”  He then claimed that this “is likely an ideological purge.”

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